About The Labyrinth Society

Walk, turn; walk, turn; walk, turn – the journey of the Labyrinth Society (TLS) is very similar to that of a labyrinth walk.  The “labyrinth landscape” has changed significantly since the Labyrinth Society’s inception in 1998.  At that time when someone mentioned “labyrinth,” a blank stare or a quizzical expression usually followed.  Today the response is more likely to be, “Labyrinth – oh yes, I walked one at …,” or “I haven’t walked one yet, but I know there is one at …”

The Labyrinth Society is evolving to meet the changing needs of the growing worldwide labyrinth community.  Although the TLS mission, “to support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths, and to serve the global community by providing education, networking and opportunities to experience transformation,” has not changed, the ways in which we address that mission are changing.

Won’t you be a part of that change?  TLS is staffed primarily by volunteers who give many hours of service because of their love of labyrinths.  In addition to the tangible benefits of the various categories of membership listed elsewhere on this website, by joining us you will receive the larger benefit of knowing that you are part of a diverse and growing community of individuals around the world who probably have only one thing in common:  their love of labyrinths.  Your membership supports many TLS initiative, such as this website, the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator, the Labyrinth Market, various TLS resources and materials, and the annual Gathering.

Will I meet you on the path?

Kay Whipple
TLS President