TLS 365 Experience: Explore, Educate, and Appreciate



Join the TLS 365 Experience and appreciate the gifts of the labyrinth more fully. Learn from the soul and wisdom of the individuals who design, develop and create labyrinth experiences and pave the path for others.

Discover new perspectives of the labyrinth and its many applications, appreciate the vast amount of wisdom within our community of enthusiasts, and realize new insights and understanding for an education that can offer a variety of applications contributed from our members.

You can also share your personal and professional experiences and develop a sense of contribution in adding your wisdom to the collective notable experiences.

Whether you use it personally or professionally, this daily wisdom will enlighten your purpose of and with the path of the labyrinth throughout the entirety of the year.

Receive An Experience Everyday:

  • Daily experiences will be offered on the TLS Website and the TLS Facebook Page for individuals to consider, contemplate and utilize in simple and easy ways for all to enjoy.
  • The Experiences may include personal reflections, building concepts, group facilitation ideas or exercises, Learned perspectives, new artistry or design, tips or suggestions for walking, benefits from walking, self care or development. There is great wisdom in what it offers us. 
  • The 365 Experience will be offered in four quarterly focus points throughout the year: Winter: Awareness     Spring: Education     Summer: Application     Fall: Contribution

​Apply An Experience Everyday:

  • Use the Daily Experience as a guide to further your own development personally or in how or what you share professionally. 
  • ​Commit to your own daily experience.
  • You do not have to have a labyrinth nearby as there are downloadable labyrinth designs, online experiences or seed patterns you can create in moments to utilize.

Share your Personal or Professional Experience:

  • You can be inspired daily in what you receive personally or professionally each quarter and you can also become a valuable contributor in submitting your own insights, wisdom and appreciation of the labyrinth too.
  • ​Your sharing fuels the experience and continues the cycle of giving and receiving of labyrinth wisdom. 
  • Suggestions of items you may wish to share about and with the labyrinth include:​

Personal Reflections, Insights from experiences, personal development, Ideas for community building, how to instructions, poetry, labyrinth building tips or techniques, facilitation experiences, Facilitation ideas that work, Professional insights, learned lessons, Helpful quotes and inspirations, art and design ideas, top ten lists or guidelines that work, why you walk, tips and suggestions for walks, rituals with meaning or purpose, be inspired! 

​Begin Your TLS 365 Experience:

  Coming March 1, 2017