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Experiencing and Sharing the Wisdom of the Labyrinth

Join the TLS 365 Experience and appreciate the gifts of the labyrinth more fully. Share and become part of the soul and wisdom of individuals who design and develop labyrinth experiences; pave the path for others and in your honest simple words become one with us.

Center of the labyrinth by LAT IllinoisDiscover new perspectives of the labyrinth and its many applications, appreciate the vast amount of wisdom within our community of enthusiasts, and realize new insights and understanding for an education that can offer a variety of applications contributed from our members.

By sharing your personal and professional experiences, you develop a sense of contribution in adding your wisdom to the collective notable experiences and create a cycle of giving and receiving adding to everyone's wisdom.

Whether you use it personally or professionally, this daily wisdom will enlighten your purpose of and with the path of the labyrinth throughout the entirety of the year.


Receive the daily wisdom of the labyrinth society, professional and labyrinth enthusiastsShare your wisdom from your experiences, enrich others and be a part of something larger

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  • Experiences will be offered daily on the TLS 365 Experience Blog for individuals to consider, contemplate and utilize in simple and easy ways for all to enjoy.
  • Experiences may include personal reflections, building concepts, group facilitation ideas or exercises, Learned perspectives, new artistry or design, tips or suggestions for walking, poetry, quotes, benefits from walking, self care or development. There is great wisdom and great variety in what it offers us. 
  • The 2020 offering includes Monthly Themes to know and grow with the labyrinth

2020 Walk the Walk Annual 365 Experience Theme

2020 Theme:
Walk the Walk

  • We mark a new year with a new decade in 2020.  How we will move through it in a way that is mindful, meaningful, and perhaps more magical can be found by exploring the theme, "Walk the Walk" this year. 

The objective this year is to create a legacy of the labyrinth through the wisdom of its users. Monthly a theme to explore is offered. Daily, an opportunity to read the wisdom of others is provided.  Sharing is what fuels the resources from the knowledge of others who have walked the walk and learned.  By adding your wisdom, you join a recycling effort that offers something for another to learn and appreciate about the labyrinth. 

  • You don't have to have a labyrinth nearby as there are downloadable labyrinth designs, online experiences or seed patterns available to utilize.
  • This isn't about an everyday expeirence, though through the sharing of others, it offers an experience to consider each day and an opportunity to learn something new about the labyrinth. 
  • This can also provide a directory of service and offering that those who share can benefit from. 
  • Join us for Mid Month Discussions on the 15th of each month. 

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