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TLS Community Workshop July 29

Geomancy of Labyrinths flyerThe Geomancy of Labyrinths

Presented by Sandi Isgro, Lee Ann Potter, and Grahame Gardner
Hosted by The Labyrinth Society on Zoom

Saturday, July 29, 2023, 12:00–1:30 p.m. EDT (click to view in your time zone)

Labyrinths are energy magnets. Even a temporary labyrinth will attract beneficial energies with regular walking. When geomantically aligned with the landscape and sited on power centres, identified through dowsing, they are even stronger. Using examples of his own work, Grahame will demonstrate how you can enhance your own labyrinth energies.

Real-time automatic captions will be available including translation into Zoom-supported languages. Please save the date and share!


  • $15 for non-members
  • $10 for TLS Members
  • No cost for TLS Regional Reps

Sandra Isgro, President of the American Society of Dowsers

I was introduced to dowsing several years ago at a retreat where the instructor used L-Rods to place a Labyrinth.  When the rods magically moved in my hands I was hooked and I have been dowsing ever since. Its been a pleasure to teach dowsing to others and watch them discover that ‘A Ha!!’ moment for themselves. As a member of Vermont Vibrations, I was part of a research project investigating the use of runic energies and their incorporation into Labyrinths. I enjoy dowsing earth energies to find water, create sacred space, and co-create healthier living spaces.

Lee Ann Potter, Vice President of the American Society of Dowsers

Mrs. Potter is a mechanical engineer, and has had extensive experience working with low-power energies. She is also a gifted energy worker, with a demonstrated ability to sense many of the energies around her on a continual basis. Working out of her home in Northern New Hampshire, she has led spirituality and meditation classes, helping others to be at one with the energies around them and learn how to work with those energies for their own use.

Grahame Gardener, Western Geomancy 

Grahame is a professional member and registered tutor of The British Society of Dowsers and served as President of the Society from 2008-2014. In 2014 he was awarded the prestigious BSD Award and honorary Life Membership for exceptional services to dowsing and the Society. He is also a member of the Canadian and American Dowsers and is a regular guest speaker and workshop leader at international conventions. He is a founder member of The Geomancy Group and a founding partner (with Susan Collins of Canada) of InternationalDowsers.org, offering global dowsing solutions.

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