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MPMV PODCAST DATES & GUESTS FOR SPRING/SUMMER: Sheltering in Place Using Labyrinths

Latest download is now live! Go to Resources/Media: #43 under MPMV categories: Artists/Construction/Film - Erica Duthie & Struan Ashby (Tape Art NZ)


July was a moving month and September we are gearing up for the 2020 VIrtual Gathering so this is it until after Gathering this year.

Because of the COVID-19 sheltering-in-place global imperative, we are re-igniting the MPMV podcasts as another way to keep our world labyrinth community connected. We had one episode in April then decided to postpone the one close to World Labyrinth Day to the end of May, so the WLD event would be advertised sufficiently.  See the podcast dates below. If you would like to be heard on this audio-only, 60-minute show, email Christiana Brinton, PR Chair.

Check Resources/Media/Podcasts/Many Paths, Many Visions  often for information about upcoming podcasts and the GoToMeeting Invitation information needed to join the session, ask questions at the end, or just to listen live. The GTM Invitation is also listed below as per the next upcoming session.

 A link to the recording of each session will be posted here, on the Media page, and on YouTube and Spreaker within 48 to 72 hours after each episode has aired. These episodes promise to be juicy ones as there is much these days on which to comment and reflect, so please join us live or listen to the recordings at your leisure.