Who We Are

Beth Langley

Nominating Committee Chair

Beth Langley was introduced to labyrinths over ten years ago, and began studying them through books, Internet research, walking them, and participating in workshops.  Soon this calling from the labyrinth became her passion, and much of her time is now spent on all things labyrinthine. Designing labyrinths, classroom materials, and workshops for exploring labyrinths has become a favorite means of creative expression.  Beth truly enjoys sharing her love of labyrinths with anyone who is interested to know more.  Labyrinths are a versatile tool—adaptations for a variety of activities and purposes have become a natural extension of Beth’s creative toolbox.

Beth Langley has a BA from Columbia College, a MEPI credential at the Primary Level,  is a Veriditas certified labyrinth facilitator, and has a love of art—all things creative.   She has designed and installed over a dozen permanent labyrinths, including one in Croatia.  Permanent installations are at private and public Montessori and conventional schools, private homes, and a church in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Puebla, Mexico.  Her most recent installations are a Chartres-style medieval labyrinth at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, SC (visible from Google Earth!) a Pelican Labyrinth in Florida, and a Turtle Labyrinth in Gray Court, SC.  She has made many temporary ones at various locations some of them simply drawn with chalk or in sand, and others that are more complex such as sand constructions of sea turtles.  Her workshops at conferences, churches, and schools on labyrinths and other various subjects are well received.  She has presented at various conferences and events in Canada, Mexico, and Croatia, as well as across the US in SC, NC, FL, MO, OR, NM, and CA.  Presentations and workshops have been for Montessori teachers, gardeners, health practitioners, art educators, and labyrinth enthusiasts.  Her interests beyond Montessori education and labyrinths include quilting, hiking, wine making, songwriting, playing the guitar, and recording.  She lives in Boykin, SC and finds peace and contentment in country living.