Who We Are

Beth Langley


Nominating Chair

M.E. (Beth) Langley was casually introduced to labyrinths in 1999 and later by chance attended a labyrinth workshop in 2005. Immediately thereafter she began studying them through books, internet research, and walking them whenever she could. Only three months after that first serendipitous workshop, she facilitated her first labyrinth workshop at the next conference she attended. Now the calling from the labyrinth has led her many places and much time is now spent on all things labyrinthine. Designing labyrinths and classroom materials for exploring labyrinths has become a favorite means of creative expressions and sharing her passion for labyrinths with anyone who is interested to know more comes naturally.

Beth’s workshop presentations at Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI) Conferences and International Montessori Council (IMC) Conferences have always been well received. She has led groups as they experienced labyrinths in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, California, Missouri, Mexico, Canada, Croatia and more. Working with teachers, children and schools (Montessori and conventional, public and private) is a passion of hers. Many of the schools, including Five Oaks Academy in Simpsonville, SC and Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, SC, Clay-Platte Montessori School, in Kansas City, MO, Little Heart Montessori School in Zagreb, Croatia, and Colegio Montessori Quetzalli, in Puebla, Mexico, now have labyrinths she helped create. In addition to her presentations to educators, she has presented at several TLS Gatherings on the Celestial Labyrinths, Temporary Labyrinths, and one that was focused on many labyrinth art projects and activities for children.

She is a creative and giving person—a teacher at heart. The Labyrinth Society has been a part of her life since becoming a member in October 2008. She has attended all but one of the Labyrinth Society’s Gatherings since then. Beth currently works for the Institute for Guided Studies, a Montessori teacher training organization. She is anticipating retirement and finding more labyrinths on her path.